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Continuous Atomisation

Continous Atomiser
A low capital cost and compact ‘mini’ system, atomising continuously enables hundreds of kgs to be manufactured during a single shift.
Where higher capacities are required from longer powder production campaigns, PSI has designed a series of high throughput continuous atomisers capable of manufacturing multiple tonnes of powder per day. Human Machine Interfaces & PLCs facilitate safe, efficient operation with minimal operator intervention. High throughput offers an economy of scale that, when coupled with an intelligent gas re-cycling management enables operating costs to be significantly reduced relative to equivalent batch systems. Annual production levels of 2000 tonnes and more are achievable.

Control console
The PSI production plant accommodates both liquid melt feed from an external melting furnace via a heated transfer line or a solid billet feeder with gas-lock system for maintaining atmosphere. For significant operational economy, an intelligent gas management system controls the re-circulation of gas around the plant including maintenance of passivating gas for safe reactive metal powder production.
Self-cleaning gas filters ensure gas cleanliness both around the plant and when vented to the environment. Complete system HMI-PLC control and data acquisition through a remote, centralised console is facilitated for both operator convenience and safety. PSI offer clients Design to Project Management to full Turnkey Production Plant Manufacture of Atomisers and associated up- and downstream facilities.

Flow diagram

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