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HERMIGA 75 AtomizerThe HERMIGA Mini atomiser now has the most comprehensive list of options, making it the most flexible, high performance research and small scale production atomiser available.

The list of options provides ultimate control over material melting, atomisation, sprayform manipulation and powder collection.

The HERMIGA 75/3 and 75/5 models retain the high performance close-coupled die configuration as used in the production scale systems and can produce high quality spherical powders down to 10 microns median size.  The powders experience rapid solidification with cooling rates in the region of 103 to 106 K/sec.

The smallest atomisers in the HERMIGA range have found favour in numerous research and development areas covering a wide range of applications from precious metals to solar energy and in geographic locations from Russia to India and USA to Japan.

The compact nature and range of options available for these machines, together with ease of cleaning, makes them the ideal tool for advanced metal powders research work.  The basic systems offer an induction heated crucible with 3kg (HERMIGA 75/3) or 5kg (HERMIGA 75/5) melt capacity, close-coupled nozzle assembly, inert gas atomisation capability (making them safe even with pyrophoric powders) and two stage powder collection.

The options available are quite comprehensive and have been selected to provide a wide range of research opportunities;

  • Oxygen and moisture monitoring provide data to ensure optimum melt and atomisation purity.
  • A gas supply rack accommodating up to five standard gas bottles.  This provides minimal variation in atomising gas pressure and enables different gasses to be used during melting and atomisation.
  • Melt additions hopper allows fine tuning of melt stock or final additions of relatively volatile components.
  • Particle injection capability enables the production of spray-formed particulate metal matrix composites.  Up to 30% by volume of the second phase can be introduced.
  • Secondary gas injection at the nozzle can be specified which provides additional cooling of the atomised powder.

HERMIGA Collection HopperBesides the atomisation options listed above, the atomisation chamber can be fitted with various manipulation and collection devices.

              • Sprayform manipulators enable deposition of semi-solid droplets in billet or cylinder form providing materials with homogeneous microstructure.
              • Free jet melt spinning rigs are offered to provide further rapid solidification routes.
              • Billet casting can be accommodated to afford direct casting of the molten material.
              • Cryo-quench can be specified where materials need to be rapidly cooled to low temperatures.
              • Video monitoring of the melting and atomisation processes can be provided for permanent visual records.

When combined with PSI’s Glovebox/Classifier these atomisers offer possibly the most comprehensive suite of powder metallurgy research tools available.


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