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HERMIGA Gas Atomiser Range

HERMIGA Gas Atomiser Range (3 - 200Kg)

From R&D batch capacity to production-scale tilt and pour melt furnaces of hundreds of kgs, PSI has utilised its unique ‘close-coupled’ die technology to enable both academia and industry to manufacture ultrafine, spherical powders from a diverse range of pure metal to complex alloy systems.

Full HERMIGA Gas Atomiser Range




Hot Gas Atomisation

Hot Gas Atomisation

To produce even finer grades of powder, PSI developed and commercialised its atomisers to enable atomisation by superheated gas.


Continuous Atomisation

Continuous Atomisers

A range of PSI continuous atomisers from a compact ‘mini’ system (ca. 250kg/cycle) to production plant (2000MT/year), enabling protracted periods of operation with associated lower operating costs.


Water Atomisers

Water Atomisers

Whether as stand alone systems or attachments to gas atomisation equipment, the PSI range of medium and high pressure water atomisers extend clients’ powder manufacturing capability through their versatility of application. R&D to production capacities are available and can be supplied with powder filtering and drying capabilities.


Air Melt Atomisation

Air Melt Atomisation

Currently available in a single or dual furnace configuration, the PSI air melt atomiser incorporates all of the benefits of the advanced HERMIGA close-coupled systems where the applications do not require a vacuum-inert gas chamber.


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Custom-designed Atomisers (the sky’s the limit)

As they are only limited by our clients’ ambition and imagination (and the laws of physics!) they are too numerous to describe in full here; however, mentioning just a few: centrifugal, cryogenic, spray-forming, silicon shot, titanium, and reactive metal atomisers.

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