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PSI Solar Energy ProductsWith the increasingly urgent global focus on bringing affordable solar electricity to the mass market, PSI has developed a new method for the production of photovoltaic materials (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide - CIGS) in ultra-fine powder forms that are critical in the research and production modelling techniques of new solar thin-film technologies.

In the drive to develop market leading photovoltaic cell technology, the use of different amalgams of Copper Indium Gallium Selenide - or CIGS - to increase the proportion of the solar energy spectrum captured by a solar cell has become a key factor in driving up the efficiency of solar energy systems.

A direct development from PSI's ground breaking work in a related renewable energy sector - the mass production of low cost, premium grade Titanium powder - PSI are now able to provide the solar energy sector with the means to rapidly produce - in both research and production volumes - CIGS powders from their own 'in-house' facility, allowing CIGS composition experimentation, rapid prototype trialling and mass production scaling models in the commercial security of their own laboratories.

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