PSI Optimised Al AM Powders

PSI atomised A20X aluminium powders produces AM parts with record breaking properties

As part of the High Strength Aluminium Powder for Additive Manufacture (HighSAP) project PSI were partners with Aeromet, along with partners Aeromet, Renishaw and aero-engine giant Rolls-Royce optimised the A20X™ alloy for use in additive manufacturing (AM) and produced a set of demonstrator parts.

The project was funded by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP).

The powders were produced on PSI HERMIGA 100/10 VI equipment.  The PSI technology combines VIM with inert gas atomisation and produces “clean” free flowing powders that are well suited for downstream AM processing.

PSI HERMIGA® 100/10VI close coupled atomiser









Heat-treated parts produced using A20X™ Powder have achieved an Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) of 511 MPa, a Yield Strength of 440 MPa and Elongation of 13% – putting the powder at the forefront of high-strength aluminium additive manufacturing.

A20X™, the aluminium alloy developed and patented by Aeromet, has cemented its status as one of the strongest aluminium additive manufacturing powders commercially available after surpassing the key 500 MPa UTS mark.

Crucially, parts additively manufactured with A20X™ Powder maintain high-strength and fatigue properties even at elevated temperatures, outperforming other leading aluminium powders.

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