Powder Classifier


The PSI Classifier has been developed for the safe classification of powder for research and small scale production facilities.

Designed initially for reactive metal powders where the safe handling demands stringent atmosphere control, the system’s applications extend into other sectors including ceramics, food processing / technology and pharmaceuticals.

The design evolved from field research work and experience in addition to PSI’s in house development work.  Consequently several novel features are incorporated that contribute to the performance, reliability and utility of the system.

The Classifier system provides the following key elements of a high quality inert gas classifier.

  • Powder Transfer — Integral airlock with positive seal / door locking enables safe and easy transfer of powder materials to the Glovebox.
  • Neoprene gaskets ensure an airtight seal within the classifier.
  • Classification — Stainless construction of all contact parts ensures the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. Fine on-stream rotor speed control coupled with a speed controlled secondary gas system develops optimum classification conditions and precise particle size cut point. Acoustic materials minimise noise emissions.
  • Atmosphere conditioning — Absolute filter series retains the ultra-fine particle fractions and rechargeable catalytic degas and molecular sieve systems reduce oxygen and water to minimal levels.
  • Temperature build up is reduced by a heat exchanger.