Typical CVD/CVI Coatings:-


Coating Material


Process Gases

Typical Deposition Temperatures


Silicon Carbide CH3SiCl3


Boron Nitride BCl3-NH3


Carbon (graphite) CH4-H2


Titanium Carbide TiCl4-H2


Titanium Nitride TiCl4-N2


Silicon Nitride SiCl4-N2-NH3


Aluminium Nitride AlCl3-NH3


The PSI CVD/CVI systems are designed and tested to international standards. Constructed from stainless steel the vacuum-pressure vessel encases either a vertically or horizontally orientated corrosion-resistant furnace. Typically manufactured in graphite the retort facilitates hot zones of 600mm diameter x 900mm long down to research-scale systems of 150mm diameter x 460mm. Furnace temperatures of 1300degC are achieved as standard with a high temperature alternative to 2200degC. Specialist, chemically-resistant vacuum facilities are essential as the gas scrubbing system for compliance with local disposal regulations.

With some CVI processing taking days to complete, a fully-automated PLC-based control system and data-logging is essential. Computer-control is available for remote operation and full process data-logging for QC/QA requirements. For client satisfaction purposes, it is PSI’s policy to define the eventual equipment specification only after technical discussion with the client and our own consultants.