Crafting Precision: The Fundamentals of Powder Metallurgy & The Crucial Role of Vacuum Inert Gas Atomisation (VIGA) Systems

Enabling Powder Perfection: PSI’s New Fluidised Bed Reactor

Phoenix Scientific Industries (PSI) is pleased to be spotlighted in the latest edition of PM Review for its pioneering work with fluidised bed reactor (FBR) technology.  Through PSI’s innovate approach to powder modification and rejuvenation of ‘used’ powder, the article delves into the evolving needs of metal powder users and highlights the benefits FBRs could […]

Fluidised Bed Reactors (FBR)

PSI has been working in fluidised bed technology for several years in the processing of metal and ceramic powders. In very simple terms an FBR is a container of powder, generally housed in a pressure or vacuum containment vessel. At the base of the container is a porous plate through which a whole variety of […]