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Phoenix Scientific Industries (PSI) Limited designs, manufactures and installs capital equipment, with projects values generally falling in the range £50k to £4M  and involving small R&D systems up to turnkey production plant. PSI is best known for its activities in gas atomisation for the production of metal powders and in particular, close-coupled atomisation for very fine powder manufacture.

Over the last three decades, PSI has developed technologies and processes involving rapidly-quenched, amorphous and microcrystalline structures in metals and ceramics. Consequently, expertise has also been developed in the fields of melt spinning, wire casting and vapour deposition techniques (CVD, CVI, PVD) and many variations of special atmosphere furnaces.

Heating techniques employed in the various processes involving metal melting and evaporation include induction, resistance, electron beam, arc and plasma.

PSI also offers a powder production service on a toll-basis and has produced many hundreds of novel alloy compositions by atomisation and other rapid solidification techniques. Consequently, the company has accumulated a large knowledge base on the behaviour and handling of materials in the solid, liquid and vapour phases.

To maintain its technology at the forefront of advanced materials processing, the company complements its internal R&D activities with both UK and European-funded Programs. For example, a SMART-funded program led to the successful introduction of “hot gas atomisation” to the market; enabling clients to further increase yields of the desirable ultra fine grades of powder.

Many of PSI’s installations and projects are overseas, reflecting the international nature of the business; sales and service activities are supported by a network of representative companies around the globe.


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PSI manufacturing facilities are located in the south east of England