Why R&D?


We exist in a world where information travels faster and faster and intellectual property, whether embedded in advanced material processing systems or as processing know-how, is disseminated similarly quickly.    This process may occur legally in the normal mode of business practice or by other means.  Patent protection may only provide partial protection and sometimes has the converse effect in that “to patent is to disclose”.

PSI’s business model is to accept the reality of the situation and to position itself at the cutting edge of the technology rather than leverage earnings off rapidly dating technology, a practice which has only one final outcome.

This model requires a commitment to a high and consistent level of R&D, which involves much effort and money.

PSI has, over the years, dedicated a large proportion of its bottom line to R&D, resulting in a company that competes strongly in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

In addition to canvassing customer demand PSI tries to anticipate world needs and consequently finds much of the requirement to stem from energy generation, conservation and storage expressed by the transport (military and civil), electrical machinery and general engineering sectors

As a consequence PSI maintains an active portfolio of self-funded, single client-funded, collaborative UK-funded and pan-European EC-funded programmes.