Ro-Quench[icon name=”copyright” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] 100 Laboratory Scale Melt Spinner


PSI has introduced this melt spinner specifically to address the need for laboratory and research scale production of rapidly cooled metal foils and strips.
It is supplied as a stand alone unit with specifications designed to meet a wide range of requirements;

• 100g melt crucible capacity
• Different melt crucible material options for wide range of applications
• Adjustable nozzle position, as standard, to give control over height and angle of impingement
• A range of slit widths available
• Advanced wheel design with excellent thermal diffusivity and low wear characteristics
• High precision bearing assembly and dynamic balancing designed to minimise wheel run out thus maintaining nozzle to wheel gap
• Adjustable stripping mechanism to release product at different positions
• Optional pumping mechanisms to offer higher vacuum capabilities

The Ro-Quench 100 melt spinner is designed as a state-of-the-art research-scale melt spinner capable of producing rapidly quenched spun product under a range of different process conditions in a wide variety of alloys. Cooling rates of 106 Ks-1 are typical.
The design has evolved from experience contributed by researches in the field of melt spinning and incorporates several novel features that contribute to the performance, reliability and utility of the system.  The unit is manufactured to high engineering standards for thermal, mechanical and vacuum duties involved.
Metal is melted in an induction coil and crucible assembly in a support structure. Crucibles are easily removable for changing composition. Crucibles are available in quartz and boron nitride and are formed with a slot in their base.

This arrangement retains the metal in the crucible until spinning commences when a top pressure of inert gas is introduced over the melt to force the metal through the nozzle.
A gas knife/deflector blade is fitted to the chute to cause separation of the spun product and its direction towards the detachable collection bin. The deflector blade and gas knife can be fixed at variable angular positions and angle of attack.
The collection bin may be fixed in one of two angular positions to allow strip removal at different points around the spinning wheel.