Other Rapid Solidification Processes

PSI has developed a range of Rapid Solidification technologies to produce materials in a variety of morphologies:


Melt Spinning

PSI’s high performance planar flow spinning systems are designed to produce amorphous and microcrystalline metallic ribbons under varying atmospheric conditions. Also free-jet melt spinning (for e.g. NdFeB magnetic powder production) produces much thicker than normal strip such that the resultant columnar structure, when subsequently milled, produces the requisite single-domain particles that optimise magnetic properties.



Wire casting, another RSP technique for the production of 100µm diameter magnetic wires, is now emerging as a viable processing route.  Injection of monofilaments of molten alloys into a rapidly moving body of water allows cooling rates comparable to chill block casting to be achieved, leading to the manufacture of useful wire products with exceptional mechanical and magnetic properties.


Arc  Melting

Arc-heated melt contained in a water-cooled copper crucible. The PSI Arc Melters produce clean (ceramic-free) melts of novel alloys and casts in multiple modes by rapid solidification, useful for bulk metallic glasses.




Quench Rigs for HERMIGA Atomisers

Utilising the vacuum melting and bottom-pouring facilities of an atomiser, the Quench Rig takes the undisturbed melt stream or atomisation spray and directs it to rotating wheels, cones and rollers to rapidly quench particulate in different morphologies.